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Personal Accident Insurance and It's Benefits, What does it cover?

There many types of insurance policies for the financial security of their family. Such as life insurance, health insurance, insurance of your vehicle or insurance of your property, insurance is necessary for the financial security of your family. The most important insurance policy that you find in all insurance policies is Personal Accident Insurance Policy.
Personal Accident Insurance and It's Benefits, What does it cover?

What is a personal accident insurance policy?

In a personal accident insurance policy, the policy holder gets financial assistance in case of an accident. Personal accident policy is also called PA policy.

What does it cover?

This policy mainly covers 4 coverage.

Accidental death

In the death of a person in an accidental death benefit, his family is given the entire amount of insurance by insurance

Permanent total disability means permanent disability,

Permanent Total Disability means to lose two main parts of the body, such as losing two limbs, two legs or any two of the two eyes.

Permanent partial disability ie permanent partial disability and Or any disability due to accident due to which the policy holder is not able to work for life. So the ASEMA is given the entire sum insured.

Temporary disability.

Permanent partial disability means to lose one part of an accident. Or to lose some part of the organ. Like one hand one foot or one eye. So the insurance amount is given according to the situation of the person. And temporary disability is the special attractive cover of this policy. Most of the clams in personal accident policy come under this.

Due to injury in an accident, if a policyholder is not able to go to work for some time and if he is not known to work then he is given a weekly income benefit. Weekly compensation is given every week. In an insurance policy of 25 lakhs, you get a benefit of up to 5000 per week. And this benefit continues for more than 100 weeks. That is, even if you are not going to work, the income you have continues. So these 4 main benefits are covered in the PA policy.

Another Benefits In Personal Accident

Many other benefits are also available in the PA policy. Such as Ambulance Expense, Hospital Immediate Expense, Accident, OPD Expense, Child Education, Expense Hospital daily cash, blood purchase expenses are also covered in this.

Which Types of Accident Cover?

Almost all types of accidents are covered. Such as a road accident, rail accident, air crash or injury from a roof or CD slipping or crashing somewhere.

Or injury caused by being bitten by a snake dog or other animal. Personal injury is covered by drowning in water or injury caused by water in fire.

Premium details of personal accident policy

This policy can be taken by anyone from 18 years to 70 years. There is no difference in its premium according to age. Personal accident policy can be a great help in the economic crisis due to accident.

Accident can happen to anyone at any time. So first of all an accident insurance policy should be done. And its premium is also very low. In this policy, you get an accident cover of 25 lakhs for just around Rs. 3000. That is, Day gets only around 8 rupees. The premium may vary slightly depending on the company and coverage.

How is it different from life insurance and health insurance and important?

You can also cover your wife's children by paying extra premium in this policy. In life insurance, only the policy holder gets financial support to his family after his death. Accidental death and disability rider is available with life insurance, but in that case, the family gets its benefit only when death due to accident or total disability.

Where health insurance covers hospital expenses due to accident. But if your income gets tied due to accident, if you are unable to go to work, then you do not get any compensation. So due to an accident in the personal accident insurance policy, you are unable to go to work. Even then you get weekly competition and your income starts. And apart from this, there is a lot of benefit that is available only under personal accident policy.That too at a very low premium. So that's why first of all any person should get their personal accident policy done.

What are the things that aren't included within the personal accident cover?

Accident dates are vital in insurance cover. Generally, corporations pay just for disability due to accident inside 1 year. Suicide, self-injury, natural death, pre-existing disability, pregnancy, childbirth, non-allopathic treatment, psychological sickness - all these items aren't included within the private accident cover. Apart from this, adventure sports activities exercise, legal case or involvement in war, Navy, Military Force or Air Force associated issues are additionally not included in Personal Accident Insurance Policy.

The injury caused by intentional damage to oneself just isn't included within the personal accident cover. Therefore, suicide or legal exercise just isn't included within the Personal Accident Insurance Policy. Any pre-existing injuries aren't included within the Personal Accident Insurance Policy. It doesn't matter whether or not you might be being handled or not.

Things like journey sports activities like skydiving, mountaineering, jumping, scuba, hang gliding, diving aren't included within the private accident insurance coverage coverage. However, corporations like HDFC Ergo, Bajaj Alliance General Insurance, Godigit any many others provide insurance coverage cover for journey sports activities.

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