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What is Gold Loan? Is Gold Loan a Good Idea?

Gold Loan

Gold has at all times held its worth all around the world even in troubled financial occasions in India gold assumes big significance as a result of it is considered to be probably the most treasured saving of each family.
What is Gold Loan? Is Gold Loan a Good Idea?
Moreover big emotional and sentimental worth is connected to the gold you personal, which is why many people are towards the thought of making use of for gold loans. However, these loans offer you a brilliant opportunity to get yourself out of sticky situations and it's rather unfortunate that many Indians don't make the most of this option available to them.

Why should you opt for them?

These loans make perfect sense because they are your gateway to instant hard cash. If you could have a pressing monetary dedication, have to lift funds for your corporation, or any private motive, these loans are perfect for you. Here are a number of the reason why it is best to look into them carefully:

The worth of gold may be estimated immediately not like different safety loans. Thus you get the mortgage amount immediately. Many co-operative banks and a number of other different banks provide you with these loans even when you do not have an account with them. A replica of your ration card is all that is wanted.

There are many monetary establishments and lenders who will give you loans in your gold. Depending on availability on the market fee of gold and totally different bank insurance policies, you will get a loan on gold for as much as 20, 00,000, which might tide you over many tough conditions.

Salary recipients do not get any tax exemption on these loans however business owners can present expense on the curiosity of their bills to get tax advantages.

Your gold may be stored in a financial institution for less than a sure time period.

If you do not pay any curiosity or principal quantity on the mortgage, then after a sure time period, often three years, your gold may be introduced for auction. The time period varies from one bank to another. Interest charges for these loans are usually excessive with many banks. Other financial institutions hike up the rate of interest after a preliminary interval of three months.

Hence if it's good to get a loan towards gold, you'll need to carefully look into the phrases and situations of banks and financial institutions earlier than making use of for these loans. Individual lenders should be your last option.

What do different banks charge?

Industrial credit score and investment company of India bank, icici bank fees an rate of interest of 14-15% on these loans whereas state bank of India SBI charges between 13-75 to 14-25%. International Netherlands Group Vysya Bank (ING Vysya Bank) has a lower interest rate at 12-13%, while Canara Bank and The Tamil Nadu State Apex Co-Operative Bank (TNSC Bank) charge a flat 14% interest rate for these loans.

Besides interest rates, you will also need to think about processing fees and other factors, when you apply for Gold Loans, which can give you a helping hand in tricky financial times.

BankBazaar is a marketplace the place you may immediately get the lowest mortgage charges to examine and apply online to your personal loans and residential loans and from India's leading banks and NBFC.

When Gold Loan is a good idea?

Most of us have been through one kind of financial difficulty or another at some point or the other. And these difficulties can crop up in the future too; it could be because of a medical emergency in the family where you might have to foot a massive medical bill or it could be because of your business needs. At times like these taking a loan against gold you possess is a sensible option, because very rarely are these loan applications turned down. Thus you are certain to get a helping hand in times of your need.

You might want to send your kids abroad for further studies or want to renovate your house and make it more liveable for your loved ones; your reason could be any, but these loans offer you a reasonable solution out of your financial difficulty.

How Gold Loans are extremely convenient?

Most banks and financial institutions are more than willing to offer these loans to customers. Todaythere are many financial institutions that have been specifically created to offer loans against gold and you can benefit from their services. Another advantage of opting for these loans is the fact that the value of gold has grown substantially over time.

It means you can often get high-value loan amounts, which help you tide over the rough weather. Importantly, you don't need a great deal of documentation to apply for these loans. These loans are often processed in a very short period of time offering you respite when you need it the most. Given the huge benefits, these types of loans offer, it's imperative that you make the most of the opportunities they present to you.

Things to remember for Gold Loan

However, you need to note that your valuable gold is held as security when you apply for this loan. While for some it's a motivation to pay off the loan amount at the earliest, others who are not so diligent can suffer in the process. The loan is often offered for a short tenure too, which is something you need to watch out against. Although banks are rather quick in processing these loans, they will charge you processing fees for these loans.

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