Tuesday, 20 October 2020

Coronavirus Insurance - Will Your Health Insurance Cover Coronavirus?

The infection of Coronavirus started from China is spreading rapidly around the world. The WHO (World Health Organization) has declared COVID-19 an epidemic. So far, this virus has failed in 122 countries. China, Korea, Iran, Italy, Germany, France and Spain

In all these countries, it has been exposed in many ways. More than 1.5 crore coronaviruses have been exposed worldwide. Of which more that 6 lakh people have died. About 12.5 Lakh cases of coronavirus have been reported in India. Of which more than 28,732 people have died.
Coronavirus Insurance - Will Your Health Insurance Cover Coronavirus?
And in order to prevent the situation worsening further due to Coronavirus in India, the Government of India has also issued an order to tie up schools, colleges, and multiplexes for approx 2 months in many states. In such a case, the increasing infection of the coronavirus is also frightening.

And here this question comes in the mind of many people. That I have a health insurance policy. Does it cover this coronavirus? What is this deadly disease that comes with common symptoms like cold, cold, and fever? Does my health insurance policy or mediclaim policy cover the coronavirus?
And to know this, many people are confirming this by calling in their company. Or my family is affected by the coronavirus.

Will My Insurance Policy Cover It?

IRDA ( Insurance Regulatory and Development Authority ) has given these instructions to all insurance companies. That they should also cover the coronavirus in your policy, ie if you have already got health insurance. So, along with all the diseases, the coronavirus will also be covered in it and you will be able to take its clam though there are some conditions for it. So let us also see those conditions.

If you are infected with Coronavirus during the waiting period. So you will not get a clam of it, let's say you buy a health insurance policy today. Suddenly you become coronavirus. Then your treatment will not be covered under insurance. Health insurance policy has a waiting period of 30 days to cover any disease. If you buy the policy today.

So you have to wait for 30 days. Only after that, you get the cover of any disease in the health insurance policy. Coronavirus will also be covered just like dengue malaria or any other sudden disease.

Other conditions if you are going to the hospital due to any respiratory disease for 4 weeks. Suppose you are suffering from severe phlegm respiratory disease, flu, etc. for the last few days. So it is possible. Your policy should not cover the infection of the coronavirus.

The third condition is that insects are infected with the corona virus. But it is not admitted in the hospital. Or he is admitted to the hospital for less than 24 hours. So, the health insurance policy will not reduce you. Because health insurance policy involves hospitalization of more than 24 hours. That is why it is covered.

In case of hospitalization due to coronavirus, its treatment is covered like any other disease. But this is its condition. That your hospitalization. It should be more than 24 hours. So here, IRDA has given instructions to cover coronavirus in almost all the health insurance company's products. But there is a Sarat on the other side. Like if any disease is declared an epidemic. Both the WHO and the Government of India have declared the coronavirus an epidemic. So, in some health insurance companies, some products also have AC. In which this exclusion occurs.

If a disease is declared an epidemic. So we will not cover that disease in our health insurance. So, here you need to know this in your health insurance policy. That it covers the epidemic. Or else coronavirus will be covered in all health insurance policies just like dengue malaria and any other disease. But here are some conditions that I told you. Like your policy should be 30 days old. If you are infected with Coronavirus within 30 days of taking the policy.

So, you will not get an insurance claim and at least 24 hours of hospitalization is mandatory to make an insurance claim. Or if you have traveled from abroad. And have come from such a country. Which is in the list of countries infected with Coronavirus. Even then, you will not be covered under Health Insurance.

So, soon to protect your family, take a health insurance policy, because the Coronavirus is covered in the health insurance policy after 30 days. And as is the case today. The coronavirus is rapidly failing in India and other countries. Even if you do not talk about the coronavirus, health insurance is very important for everyone because the disease can happen to anyone at any time.

And in today's time, even a small disease costs so much. Sometimes people have to take either loan to pay the hospital bill. Or have to borrow from a friend. Or you have to sell something or property. So, the easiest and right way to do this is to think about health insurance. So if you do not have a health insurance policy. So this is my advice.

So, you must take a health insurance policy as soon as possible to protect your family. because Health Insurance policy covers any disease after 30 days. So, if you do not have a health insurance policy. So definitely consider this thing, But every insurance is very important in today's time. If anyone in your family ever has any disease and if you have health insurance. So you can easily get treatment in a good hospital and treat him in a good way.

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