Friday, 9 October 2020

LPG Insurance Policy: Did you Know About LPG Insurance?

There are often reports of a fire in a gas cylinder. Many times it also causes heavy losses, even the lives of people. But people do not know that after such accidents LPG Insurance Cover (LPG Insurance Cover) can get 50 lakh rupees. In fact, insurance companies insure all gas cylinder users. Under this, an insurance cover of 50 lakh rupees is available.

However, there are many categories of blast in the LPG gas cylinder and this claim is available according to these categories. In addition to compensating for this loss, if a person dies, then compensation of Rs 5 lakh is also received. Not only this, if a person is injured in an LPG cylinder accident, up to Rs 15 lakh can also be found for treatment.

Every LPG cylinder is provided with free insurance.

All customers come under the purview of LPG Life Cover (LPG Insurance Cover), which they purchase after completing all the formalities of LPG cylinder by legal means. The customer does not have to pay any premium for this insurance. It is a third party insurance, which is taken by all petroleum companies.

This insurance is issued by United Insurance Company, which starts as soon as the gas cylinder is found. If there is a blast from a gas cylinder, then in that case, the gas companies have to pay insurance coverage. According to one information, no one has claimed LPG insurance in the last 25 years. The biggest reason for this is being told its lack of information.

Insurance will not be available under these circumstances

According to the rules, while taking a gas cylinder, people should see whether it is sealed or not. If the cylinder is not sealed, it should not be taken. Apart from this, also check whether the LPG cylinder is with ISI mark or not. If the cylinder is not a cylinder with ISI mark, then you will not get claims. Therefore, it is important that everyone has information about the LGP Insurance Cover (LPG Insurance Cover) from which the claim can be taken.

Learn about the claim amount

Insurance up to a maximum of Rs 50 lakh is provided on the blast from a gas cylinder. If someone dies in an LPG cylinder blast, then the gas company pays Rs 5 lakh per person's death. On the other hand, if a person is injured in a gas cylinder blast, then for the treatment of him, a maximum of Rs 15 lakh is received. If someone's property is damaged in the blast, then a claim of up to Rs 1 lakh can be obtained according to the property.

This is how insurance claims are done

After the accident from the gas cylinder, first of all a police report has to be filed. After this, the gas distributor will have to give notice of the accident in writing. Police FIRs will have to be copied with this information. After this, the gas distributor sends the information of this accident to the gas company. After this, a team comes from the petroleum company to assess the property damage. On the basis of the report of this team, the insurance claim is decided. If someone dies in an LPG cylinder accident, then a death certificate, post mortem report has to be given. After this, you will get insurance.

How to get treatment money?

If people are injured in a gas cylinder accident and they get their treatment, then that money can be claimed. For this, the victim has to attach medical bills and medicines along with the claims and claims. Only then the insurance company pays for the loss of the accident from the LPG cylinder. The discharge bill has to be paid by the oil company.

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