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National Health Insurance: Know Plans, Benefits & Premium

National health insurance national insurance Company is India's oldest and best known general insurance firm and is whole owned by the government of India. the company was founded in 1906 and was headquartered in Kolkata. It started its operations with 14902 skilled staff and 1998 offices located across India.

The national insurance Company was integrated with about eleven indigenous firms and twenty one overseas establishments were set up to make the national insurance Company limited.

The national insurance Policy offers a good vary of adaptations for various needs of individuals , families, senior citizens, etc. It provides a plethora of basic needs like inpatient hospitalization, childcare treatment and different medical expenses to the insured.

National Health Insurance Plans

1.National Mediclaim Policy

National Mediclaim Policy covers the expenses of hospitalization for the treatment of illness / unwellness or injury by the insured throughout the policy period.

Features & benefits

This policy reimburses expenses incurred during hospitalization like room, boarding, nursing, 1 chronicles of the sum insured per day and 2 of the ICU insured per day for intensive care unit.

This compensation is subject to a total limit of twenty fifth of the sum assured. Expenses due to anesthesia, blood, oxygen, operation theater charges, surgical instruments, diagnostic instrumentation, X-rays, dialysis medicine and medicines , chemotherapy, radiotherapy, pacemaker prices etc. are covered below the policy up to 500th of the sum assured.

It provides Ayush benefits below which up to twenty of the sum insured is acceptable for a disease covered for Ayurvedic and medical care treatment.

2. Family Mediclaim Policy

Family Mediclaim could be a family floater insurance plan that covers the entire family throughout one sum insured, with the extra advantage of in-patient treatment expenses.

Features & benefits

It only provides coverage for allopathic treatment on the sickness. It protects the entire family together with self, married person and one or two of dependent kids for a floater sum assured.

Provision to cover pre-existing diabetes and hypertension on payment of additional premium to the policyholder. The policy includes pre-hospitalization for fifteen days and post-hospitalization for thirty days.

Enjoy the tax exemption under Section 80D of the tax Act, 1961 for the premium paid by the insured.

3. National Mediclaim Plus Policy

The National Mediclaim and Policy is an individual set up that ensures comprehensive protection against your medical expenses by providing a comprehensive cover over a regular health policy.

Features & benefits

This policy covers ambulance charges up to a limit (including air ambulance) and donor expenses. It provides protect doctor visit and treatment expenses once hospitalization as per policy limits.

It provides add-on cowl like important unwellness and OPD treatment at minimum and further premium rates. As per the policy sections, the hospital insured is in addition supplied with a money facility of up to 5 days. Vaccination facility for kids up to twelve years is available for all policy variants under the scheme.

4. National critical illness Policy

The National important illness Policy covers the worth of treatment also because the expensive recovery method associated with these critical sicknesses.

This policy is one in every of its kind and provides unique cover within the event that the insured is suffering from any of the listed serious sicknesses like cancer of specified severity, myocardial infarction (first attack of specified severity), open-chest arteria coronaria bypass graft surgery (CABG), open heart replacement or heart valve repair, coma of specified severity, kidney failure requiring regular dialysis, etc.

Features & benefits

The National critical illness Policy pays the insured a sum assured as maturity profit to the insured to survive until the maturity . below plan A and plan B, the customer will avail the sum assured from Rs. 1 lakh to 75 lakh.

If the policy is purchased for the family, the policyholders will avail 100% rebate for the premium paid for the eligible relations .

If the insured has entered the policy before the age of forty two years (full age) and renews the policy for endless amount of 3 years, then the Initial Entry waiver (EED) of fifty on the personal premium from the fourth policy will begin the amount in subsequent renewals is sustained during the lifetime of the policy.

5. Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies plan

Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies could be a package plan that reimburses expenses for travel emergencies whereas traveling abroad.

Features & benefits

Policy premium are typically paid in Indian Rupees (except simply just in case of employment). Overseas Mediclaim Employment and Studies Policy also provides claims support from an international service supplier.

Loss and delay of arrival baggage and loss of passport square measure aiming to be covered by the policy. Personal accident and disability are covered below the policy.

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