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Oriental Health Insurance: Know Plans, Benefits and Premium

Oriental health insurance is a part of Oriental General insurance company institution limited which guarantees to produce financial help against medical emergencies as well as hospitalization costs, health checkups, critical illness etc.

Apart from health insurance, the company also deals in travel, motor, home, personal accident, business office / trader, engineering, marine, animal / bird, aviation, agriculture, sericulture, etc.
Oriental Health Insurance: Know Plans, Benefits and Premium
However, in 2003, control of Oriental Insurance was given to the Central Government and from then on, it started functioning as a public sector insurance company. other essential data about the company is given below

Oriental Health Insurance Plans

  • Oriental Super Health top Up
  • Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana Policy
  • OBC-Oriental Mediclaim Policy
  • PNB Oriental Royal Mediclaim insurance policy
  • Mediclaim Policy (Individual and Family)

1. Oriental Super Health high Up

A premium insurance plan by the Oriental insurance company that covers all important medical expenses related to essential treatment.

Features and advantages

Expenses incurred through the treatment of a sick patient ar covered, that usually include boarding rooms and nursing expenses etc. throughout treatment in a hospital / institution. maximum I Chronicles of the deductible amount per day. Medical expenses incurred on the insured's organ transplant and donor ar covered.

The insured will receive 100 pc of the sum assured. In Ayurvedic, Yoga and treatment, Unani, Siddha, and homeopathic centers registered underneath government councils, the patient is treated according to the prescribed limits. Pre-hospitalization costs for prior to days before hospitalization. Expenses when hospitalization treatment are covered for sixty days after discharge statement.

2. Pravasi Bharatiya Bima Yojana Policy

The policy is intended to facilitate people who ar migrating abroad for employment.

Features and benefits

In case of death of the insured during the policy period in Asian country or abroad, the scheme the necessary provide the required cover with a sum of Rs 10 lakh.

Permanent disability arising during the period of stay as an immigrant abroad where inability to have interaction in professional activities resulted in loss of employment to the disability. the company can pay Rs 10 lakh as compensation.

Hospitalization cover for relations residing in india if the policy is taken on floater basis. it's valid for the death and incapacity of any member where there is a fixed a fixed for payment of 50,000.

3. OBC-Oriental Mediclaim Policy

Medical benefits are included in this policy that become a blessing during emergencies that can cripple a person financially.

Features and benefits

Pre-hospitalization expense for costs that develop before treatment of illness / injury. Post-hospitalization expenses and discharge issues that occur after hospitalization ar covered for sixty days.

Domestic hospitalization wherever the insured will receive a surgeon, medical practitioner, consultant, blood, oxygen, surgical equipment, medicines and medicines, diagnostic equipment and chemical analysis, therapy and residential nursing. AYUSH treatment facility wherever the insured is admitted to Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha and homeopathic centers for treatment.

During hospitalization daily cash equivalent to two hundred per day and Rupees Up to 1000 most is taken once in a policy year. donor expenses return after organ transplantation within the recipient body. In-patient treatment of only the donor is enclosed.

4. PNB Oriental Royal Mediclaim insurance policy

The PNB Oriental Royal Mediclaim insurance policy focuses on protective the health of PNB workers and their families at a reasonable rate, with no limits on family inclusion. Policyholders will embrace their spouse, dependent children and daughters.

Features and benefits
Daily Hospital cash Allowance is accessible only to the proposer of the policy. The limit per day will be Rs 200 whereas the whole profit the policy term is Rs 1000.

organ donor expenses for transplantation of organs wherever the insured is the recipient. The insured should show that the transplant has been recommended by a doctor.

Post-hospitalization expenses and discharge problems that occur after hospitalization ar covered for sixty days. Home treatment wherever the insured might have a medical practitioner, consultant, blood, oxygen, surgical instruments, diagnostic instrumentality, medicines and drugs, surgeons and dialysis, chemotherapy and nursing facilities at home.

5. Mediclaim Policy (Individual and Family)

This insurance policy is designed for people and members of their family to receive coverage associated with unexpected hospitalizations and medical emergencies.

Features and benefits
Treatment taken in a accredited hospital unit or any nursing home are going to be covered for illness / injury. All prices associated with treatment can get the necessary cover. prices of treatment before and when hospitalization for treatment of the same illness.

For pre-hospitalization, expenses for thirty days ar reimbursed, whereas for post-hospitalization, expenses are going to be covered for sixty days. The insured should collect relevant evidence concerning the claim like report, bill etc.

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