Wednesday, 7 October 2020

SBI Life Insurance: Know Plans, Benefits & Premium

SBI Life Insurance Company has launched a new term policy. Benefit of health cover is also being given with this policy. Under this policy named 'SBI Life Complete Security', 36 serious diseases have been covered.

The specialty of this policy is that as the term of the policy increases, the cover of serious diseases will also increase. Ravindra Kumar, head of Eastern, Central and North-Eastern region of SBI Life, told that the specialty of this policy.

He told that the lower the age of the policy holder, the higher the premium is. At the same time, as age increases, the premium charged for this also decreases.

He told that on the one hand the premium amount decreases with aging, on the other hand the cover for serious diseases will also increase. SBI Life Premium had a total premium income of Rs 9,248 crore. There was a participation of Rs 4,288 crore from New Business Premium.

This policy brought by SBI has been brought with this assumption, in which the premium burden on the policy holder also decreases with aging.

SBI Life Insurance Plans

SBI Life - Smart Women's Advantage

State Bank of India (SBI) introduced the 'SBI Life - Smart Women's Advantage' scheme. Women are the main focus in SBI Life.

Under this scheme, women will be provided life insurance cover, savings and help in serious diseases caused by women. SBI Life said that it is a traditional endowment plan based on personal benefit which also incorporates the health concept.

It also has alternative benefits for other problems occurring during pregnancy. According to the release, tax benefits will also be given under Income Tax Section 80D and 80C for both health benefits and life insurance cover in this policy.

SBI-Smart Swadhan Plus

There are two benefits of this plan, one is that it will provide you a lifetime of security and secondly, in case of survival at the time of maturity, you will get 100% of the total basic amount paid during the entire period for a lump sum.

Will return as Not only this, a person will also get tax benefits under Section 80C on his premium payment. Also, according to Section 10 (10D), the money of the maturity will also be available.

SBI Life Smart Humsafar

The minimum bonus for the first 3 years in this plan is 2.50%. If either of the two husband and wife dies, then at the end of maturity of this policy, they will get full money.

SBI Smart Money Planner

This Endowment Assurance Plan with benefits provides full life cover, regular income throughout the entire period of benefit payment. It also gives you life cover without paying any premium.

SBI Life-Flexi Smart Plus

Flexi Smart Plus helps a person fulfill his / her dreams. Not only this, it will also give you this benefit to adapt to the ever-changing needs. A minimum bonus interest rate of 1.00% p.a is guaranteed for the entire term.

Also, every interim bonus interest rate will be announced in the financial year. That too will apply to this policy. You can also withdraw money from this policy if you need money.

SBI Life-Smart Guarantee Saving Plan

The Smart Guarantee Saving Plan promotes your savings or savings. Along with this, it also has insurance cover for the whole family.

Having this saving policy also provides many benefits such as the hijab of premium amount at the end of every year will increase this policy. The policy holder only has to pay the premium for a limited period of 7 years.

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