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Top 10 Mutual Funds in India: Best Mutual Funds to invest

Know Top 10 Mutual Funds in India: Mutual funds are a well-known and smart way for investors to earn good returns on investment over the long term. If planned properly, investors can double their amount in the long term. The most important thing is the asset location, it's important to keep this in mind. Since there is a lot of volatility in the market right now. Investors who do not have an asset location in mind may face trouble.

An asset management company appoints a fund manager to take care of this pool. This fund manager is a knowledgeable professional who continuously monitors the market and buys corporate or government bonds, Treasury bills stocks, and various kinds of deposits to satisfy the investment objective of this fund.

There can be various investment objectives but one mutual fund would be driven by only one investment objective and so for each of such objects which depends upon your risk-taking capacity. The time horizon that you have for your investment a mutual fund is available and you should invest in that kind of mutual fund.

Here are the Top 10 mutual funds to invest

1) ICICI Prudential Multicap Fund

ICICI Prudential Multicap Fund invests in large cap, mid cap and small cap mix. Investors get good returns in this market capitalization and sectors. The fund manager aims to invest 40 to 60% in large-cap shares and the rest in growing mid-cap and small-cap shares. The current equity investment strategy of this fund is to invest in stocks and sectors that can benefit from the economic recovery, they are selected from the combination of top down and bottom-up.

2) L&T India Value Fund

This fund invests in low value shares. Its strategy is to invest in valuation anomalies, reducing the value of their shares when companies are going through some temporary periods. This happens when there is something wrong or little profit in the company in the short term. Hence these shares are ignored by the people and when they rise, they are sold, which benefits the investor.

3) Edelweiss Balanced Advantage Fund

This fund follows the principle of dynamic asset allocation, which reduces the possibility of negative returns in the short term and provides a good investment experience rather than pure static asset allocation. It employs the Edelweiss Equity Health Index (EEHI) which describes market direction, volatility and fundamental rules. The fund has a higher profit position rather than a loss. This is better than just the value-based approach as it does not wait for major changes in the fund market and captures big trends and limits drawdown.

4) Aditya Birla Sun Life Front Line Equity Fund

This portfolio consists of 90% equity and 10% debt and money market securities. It is a large-cap based fund, which means that it is invested in shares that have large market capitalization. In the current market scenario, investing in large cap funds is good as they are less likely to be volatile. This will give good support to the entire portfolio.

5) DSP Midcap Fund

This midcap fund is a well-known fund, it has proved that midcap is a good option for profit. The fund has performed well over a long period of time. It invests especially in sectors such as financial services, chemicals, healthcare, engineering, etc. Exide Industries, RBL Bank and Solar Industries are some other shares. The fund managers of this fund have set a good future for the investors. Lump-sum investment is not taken in this fund recently. Investment can be made by ESIP or STP.

6) Principal Hybrid Fund

This fund gives good returns with less volatility and lower risk as compared to equity fund. For first time buyer this a good option. This portfolio is mainly invested in large-cap shares, but at times there is a good opportunity to invest in mid and small caps. If you talk about the fixed income part, then it has the best fix income, along with the duration management and investing in planned manner so as to get good returns.

7) Tata Equity PE Fund

This is a diversified equity fund managed in an active manner with a 12-month P / E ratio as compared to BSE SENSEX. Its main shares are Power Grid Corp of India, HDFC Bank, Reliance Industries, ITC. It has performed better with less risk.

8) Principal Dividend Yield Fund:

This fund mainly invests in regular and large dividend shares so that the investor gets good returns in the long term. The fund has the flexibility to invest in shares in market capitalization. The fund has a 14-year tech record in several market segments. Investors who are moderate risk takers can invest in it.

9) Investing in Reliance Small Cap

Small Capitalization Companies gives better returns with less risk. Small-cap stocks include stocks whose market capitalization is below the top 250 companies. Small-cap companies are the likely mid-caps of tomorrow and offer double the benefit of high growth and lower valuations. It is a great small-cap fund in its category.

10) Mahindra Unnati Emerging Business Plan

It is an emerging mid-cap fund that invests 65% in mid-cap companies. The fund performs a bottom-up stock selection with a focus on large players in the small market. Its exposure is in consumer goods, industrial manufacturing, and financial services. When the index went down 30%, the fund did not suffer much. The fund was down only -5%. Investors can invest in this fund for long term profits.

We hope that you know about Top 10 Mutual Funds in India. This Funds are Popular and Best Mutual Funds to invest.

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